Learn French Numbers Quickly And Easily - First Lesson!

If you are planning to learn the French language, you absolutely need to Learn French numbers. There is no way to avoid it.

Before we start, you need to know the two kinds of numbers. Obviously, you already know (from your English classes...) them.

We will review the cardinal numbers, and then, ordinal numbers.

1 - Cardinal Numbers

Learning the cardinal numbers is really easy. All that you need to do is to take the time to grab the right accent, and then, memorize them.

Let's start...

I am going to give you the French/English translation from 1 to 10 first:

One = un,
Two = Deux,
Three = Trois,
Four = Quatre,
Five = Cinq,
Six = Six,
Seven = Sept,
Eight = Huit,
Nine = Neuf,
Ten = Dix

Now, you know the French/English translation (the easiest part...), and to pronounce each of these numbers properly, you need to do one of the following:

1) Ask to a French Native Speaker.

2) Learn French numbers Online.

3) Attend a French Class in your Area.

Obviously, the best option is to learn online, and, happily, there are many website with audio files.
Just be sure that the one who speak is a real native speaker... From Paris!

Let's contine with ordinal numbers now...

2 - Ordinal Numbers

It's a little bit more complicated, but easier than English ordinal numbers, because you are going to find the root of the word:

First = Premier,
Second = Deuxiéme,
Third = Troisiéme,
Fourth = Quatriéme,
Fifth = Cinquiéme,
Sixth = Sixiéme,
Seventh = Septiéme,
Eighth = Huitiéme,
Ninth = Neuviéme,
Tenth = Dixiéme
As you can see, we keep the root (French = racine) of the number and we add the suffix "iéme", (except for "Premier").

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