3 Important Reasons Why You Need To Learn English

3 Important Reasons Why You Need To Learn English

Over two billion people in the world speak English, as it is the official language in many countries. It is highly recommended for people to learn English as a second language in order to be unlimited in the international business and workforce. Although it is much easier to learn a second language at a young age, older people who may be interested in learning a second language should take up the challenge to better their skills.
Many countries offer ESL (English as a Second Language) courses to help people of all ages to learn English. Enrolling for ESL classes in a reputable institution can go a long way in helping you master the English language. Some of the important reasons why you need to learn English, even if it will be your second language, include:
  • Official language
English is spoken officially in 53 countries and spoken as a first language by about 400 million people in the world. Furthermore, English is the language of science, computers, diplomacy, tourism and aviation. Mastery of the English language elevates you to enroll for opportunities in multinational companies and enables people to have easier travel experiences in many countries.
Moreover, you will not have to rely on subtitles and translations to enjoy your favorite TV show, film, songs and books as the media industry is dominantly English.

  • The global language
English is a common language spoken around the world, with one out of five persons understands or speaks English. For you to get employment in an English-speaking nation, you need to know how to communicate effectively using English.
It can prove very difficult to interact with an English speaker or to undertake simple tasks without an understanding of English. Furthermore, in order to trade around the world, it is advisable to have an understanding of English, which is a language of trade.
  • Relating & bonding
Children, who are exposed to English for long hours in a school environment, become heavily reliant on English to communicate in the home environment. Therefore, parents need to consider enrolling for ESL classes to help them communicate with their children if at all they want to continue relating and bonding with their children.
Furthermore, the school notices addressed to parents are often written in English. It helps a great deal for parents to know how to read English for communication purposes with the school, without having to rely on others for translation.

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